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Not the Team or the League But the Sport

Whose team is best? Ours of course. Why? Because it’s ours. Okay, so whose team is worst? Theirs of course. Why? Because it’s not ours. Pretty childish, right? Just what you’d expect from kids in Little League. Yet big kids, called adults, are no different. And that’s not a good thing. Our better selves and more mature representatives tell us, “It’s not whether we win or lose, but how we play the game.” Then over against that, our smaller selves and less mature representatives counter with Vince Lombardy that “Winning isn’t everything.

Twenty-Five Characteristics of an Enlightened World

“It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. . . .” That’s how Dickens begins his fictionalized account of the French Revolution, The Tale of Two Cities. I suppose one can say the same about any era, since there will always be pros and cons. Nevertheless, we’re living now, I’m convinced, in a Dark Age. Yet the good news is, we are on the cusp of a new Renaissance. On that premise, my wife Cedar, her friends Marni and Nancy, and I brainstormed 25 characteristics of this born-again better world: 5 individual and 20 social. I hope you can improve on our phrasing and/or send us some additional characteristics of your own. So, at the individual level we see people moving from . . . boredom to a sense of wonder, reliance on the intellect to greater use of their intuition, fear of the other to interest in them, culturally sanctioned learning resources to learning from everything, and psycho-spiritual disconnection  to psycho-spiritual integration. At the social level, globally, there will be a fair distribution of wealth, peaceful conflict resolution, universal health care, sustainable energy usage, sustainable lifestyles, person-to-person versus technology-based friendships, an ethic of sufficiency versus materialism, need-versus-profit-based enterprise and marketing, a need-versus-want-based culture, effective world governance instead of chauvinistic nation-states, community-oriented populations versus rampant individualism, more natural approaches to healing replacing drug-based medicine, “Jesus” versus Wall Street ethics, the right use of power and influence instead of their widespread misuse, gender equality versus patriarchy, a prejudice-free society not a spectrum of isms, non-polluting versus polluting industry, fulfilling instead of soul-killing work, and soul-freeing, inclusive religiosity versus the exclusivist, shaming/blaming kind. In future blogs we’ll consider the parenting, education, and religion needed to create such a world. For now, I’d love your comments.  
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