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Don't Worry! Be Happy!

Last summer I attended a free concert here in Boulder. Called “Band on the Bricks,” the event was a gift of the City of Boulder. That evening there was a Beatles cover band. They weren’t fantastic, but they were good. And of course the Beatles’ music was and is great. Cedar and I went along with my younger daughter, Christine, who was visiting from New Hampshire. Not only is she a Beatles fan; she’s a Beatles scholar, with a communications Ph.D. focused on Mod culture to prove it.

Anyway, there were between 500 and 1,000 people on hand, from babes in arms to oldies like me who had been young professionals when the Beatles first became famous in the States.

Our Boulder Wedding

Today, May 18, 2011, I’m please to bring you the first of my promised Travel Blogs. Cedar and I left Denver International Airport a week ago yesterday, a mere three days after our wedding. As some of you know, our division of labor was—Cedar organized the wedding weekend, while I planned the six-week honeymoon tour to follow. Today I’ll write only about the former.  By all accounts a huge success, it began with a Friday-afternoon trip to the hand-made carousel in Nederland, a charming mountain town thirty minutes from Boulder.
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